Me the People (English Edition) por Barbara Koontz

Me the People (English Edition) por Barbara Koontz

Titulo del libro: Me the People (English Edition)

Autor: Barbara Koontz

Número de páginas: 66 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: August 25, 2017

Editor: Xlibris US

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Barbara Koontz con Me the People (English Edition)

Go on a journey with me to Washington, DC. I was a twenty-two-year-old girl in 1975 who got to experience behind the scenes working in congress! It has been forty-two years since I wrote my diary and experienced Washington, DC, fi rsthand. You can come with me to the Chinese Embassy, come meet President Ford, go to the House and Senate fl oors with the members of congress. The congressional intern program is fantastic with many town-hall meetings and fantastic speakers. Fast forward to today. Nothing has changed! All the frustrations we are experiencing in congress today are the same as they were forty-two years ago! I am sharing my diary with you and want to encourage young people to challenge our elected offi cials. You too can go to Washington and see fi rsthand how our government works without being elected to offi ce. Washington needs a lot of help!