Bloodhound #1 Free #1 (English Edition) por Dan Jolley

Bloodhound #1 Free #1 (English Edition) por Dan Jolley

Titulo del libro: Bloodhound #1 Free #1 (English Edition)

Autor: Dan Jolley

Número de páginas: 24 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: October 6, 2015

Editor: Dark Horse

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Dan Jolley con Bloodhound #1 Free #1 (English Edition)

Supercriminals don't stand a chance in this free full issue of Dan Jolley and Leonard Kirk's acclaimed action series Bloodhound ! Ex-cop Travis Clevenger was the most effective tracker of superhumans in the country, until he was sentenced to twenty years in a maximum-security prison for killing his partner. Content to do his time, Clev's plans change when FBI agent Saffron Bell offers him a reduced sentence in exchange for help capturing a superpowered serial killer. Can the disgraced hero redeem himself, and can the FBI control him once they've let him loose? From fan-favorite creators Dan Jolley ( Prototype 2, JSA: The Liberty File ) and Leonard Kirk ( JSA, Ultimates, Agents of Atlas )! For fans of The Boys , Incognito , and X ! Free preview of the upcoming Bloodhound: Brass Knuckle Psychology collection! Don't miss Clev's triumphant return in Dark Horse Presents #23