Liberal Functionalism (English Edition) por Iwao Otsuka

Liberal Functionalism (English Edition) por Iwao Otsuka

Titulo del libro: Liberal Functionalism (English Edition)

Autor: Iwao Otsuka

Número de páginas: 147 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: September 24, 2018

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Iwao Otsuka con Liberal Functionalism (English Edition)

Table Of Contents
101 What is the functionalism?
201 classification of existing functionality doctrine
202 classification of function
301 survival functionalism, environment adaptive functionalism
302 environmental adaptation level
303 environment function analysis
401 proposal of "dry functionalism", "liberal functionalism" - from the point of view of the free and independent individuals -
411 function and self-expansion and the growth pressure = SE (I) P
412 function generation ( production ) and consumption
413 function map
414 function exchange Function Exchange
415 function competition
421 roles and functions
431 social generation and function
432 social structure and function
433 social change and functionality - from the point of view of the dry functionalism -
511 social norms ( order, law ) and function
512 functionalism and the law
513 power and function
514 war and function
521 culture and function
522 education and function ( Application to the field of education )
523 features and science and technology ( Application to Science and Engineering field )
531 economy and functionality
532 labor and function
533 welfare and function
541 History and function
542 psychological and function
543 religion and function - Religious unnecessary Theory - ( Application to religion field )
551 function and the community
561 functionalism and decorative principle - the relationship between masculinity and femininity -
571 functionalism and usability
581 functionalism specific way of life, outlook on life