Snake Jazz (English Edition) por Dave Baldwin

Snake Jazz (English Edition) por Dave Baldwin

Titulo del libro: Snake Jazz (English Edition)

Autor: Dave Baldwin

Número de páginas: 356 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: September 19, 2009

Editor: Stillman & Hyla

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Dave Baldwin con Snake Jazz (English Edition)


“How does it feel? When you read Snake Jazz, you feel privileged. You feel at every step of the way that you're reading something real and good. From the opening sentence to the summary of lifetime statistics at the end, it's a complete and very satisfying story of one baseball life. How does it feel? It feels real.” —Judy Van Sickle Johnson’s "Watching the Game"

“Baldwin is even more proficient with words than he was with a baseball, and his book is a pleasure to read from start to finish…Widely published in scientific circles, he has turned his analytical eye and wry sense of humor on his own career. I only wish he had added another 100 pages to the 300 or so contained in this volume.” —Gabriel Schechter’s "Never Too Much Baseball"

“Gently amusing without being iconoclastic, Snake Jazz is more like Brosnan’s The Long Season and Pennant Race than Bouton’s Ball Four …and miles above what active and former players are coming out with these days.” —Ron Kaplan’s "Baseball Bookshelf"

Product Description

During Dave Baldwin’s baseball odyssey he encountered a roommate who sleepwalked while swinging a bat, another who chewed Gillette double-edged razor blades, and still another headed to a stretch in prison. He enjoyed the witty repartee aboard a burning airplane and on a death-defying bus trip, as well as the muddled debate while dining in a quaint café owned by the mob, and in that awkward moment right after a bullet had ripped through a taxi window. He dodged tornadoes, lightning, and baseball hobgoblins. He spent a season busily tormenting Ted Williams and once found himself teaching the knuckleball to Seri Indians in a remote desert village in northern Mexico. Although Dave went on to earn a Ph.D. in genetics, Snake Jazz tells you about his other, tougher education in baseball, and tells it with all the humor retrospection can afford.