Alannah (Slater Brothers, #5.5) por L.A. Casey, Editing4Indies

Alannah (Slater Brothers, #5.5) por L.A. Casey, Editing4Indies

Titulo del libro: Alannah (Slater Brothers, #5.5)

Autor: L.A. Casey, Editing4Indies

Número de páginas: 359 páginas

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L.A. Casey, Editing4Indies con Alannah (Slater Brothers, #5.5)

Alannah Ryan is plagued by an old face haunting her dreams, turning her waking hours into a mess of worry. Talking it out with the person she loves the most isn’t a possibility, not when the same face haunts him, too.

To protect the love of her life from another burden, she keeps her fear to herself, even as that fear begins to consume her.

Damien Slater has the life he always wanted with the woman he adores by his side, but there’s a problem. His woman is keeping a secret, and they swore they would never let another secret come between them again.

Breaking Alannah’s guard will be Damien’s greatest challenge yet as he proves once and for all that he is in it for the long haul.

Alannah admires Damien, and what Alannah admires, Alannah watches over.