Eco Packaging Now por Tony Ibbotson, Peng Chong

Eco Packaging Now por Tony Ibbotson, Peng Chong

Titulo del libro: Eco Packaging Now

Autor: Tony Ibbotson, Peng Chong

Fecha de lanzamiento: November 10, 2016

ISBN: 1864707038

Editor: Images Publishing Group

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Tony Ibbotson, Peng Chong con Eco Packaging Now

Provides examples of how to make a product attractive while retaining ecological sustainability Includes informative commentaries by industry experts Illustrates eco-packaging themes in rich photographic detail, with detailed diagrams and explanatory commentaries that illuminate a large range of case studies from around the globe The sales range of goods spans the globe. We can drink Russian vodka in New Zealand and taste fruits from Brazil in Japan. Packaging enables this global exchange of merchandise, and has infiltrated our life on every level. It exists everywhere - on the supermarket shelves, in our fridges, cabinets, gifts, and cosmetics; whether you are receiving shipped items from overseas or buying produce from local farms, packaging will always be involved. However, as environmental issues become increasingly prominent, there is another side to packaging we must consider. Reducing waste, saving energy, improving sustainability of the overall products, and creating green packaging methods are hot topics in the packaging industry. So how do designers find ecological packaging strategies that protect the product without leaving a negative footprint on the environment? Contemporary designers are finding unique and multi-functional ways to manipulate materials to make packaging recyclable, biodegradable, and reusable. More than 100 brilliant ideas from all over the world are showcased in this book, which are presented in insightful detail and complemented by glorious full-color photography. This book will inspire design creativity, and reveal ways for businesses to help counter the environmental threats that endanger our world."