My Life So Far (English Edition) por Jane Fonda

My Life So Far (English Edition) por Jane Fonda

Titulo del libro: My Life So Far (English Edition)

Autor: Jane Fonda

Número de páginas: 624 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: August 31, 2010

Editor: Ebury Digital

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Jane Fonda con My Life So Far (English Edition)

'There are always regrets in life, among them things we've done that we wish we could take back and erase. I have significant ones that will haunt me forever and which I hope I have been brave enough to confront in this book' Jane Fonda in the preface to My Life So Far.

Now in her 60s, Fonda looks back over her life but also forward to the future. With unflinching honesty she addresses, amongst other things, her tragic and tortured relationships with her mother and father; her lovers and husbands, from Roger Vadim to Ted Turner; her passions and political views. The result is rare in its readability and sheer page-turning force. This is a powerful account of an extraordinary woman.