Mantegna Tarot: Tarot Cards por Master from Ferrara

Mantegna Tarot: Tarot Cards por Master from Ferrara

Titulo del libro: Mantegna Tarot: Tarot Cards

Autor: Master from Ferrara

Número de páginas: 75 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: February 21, 2002

ISBN: 8883951514

Editor: Lo Scarabeo

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Master from Ferrara con Mantegna Tarot: Tarot Cards

The “Mantegna” deck is one of the most important works of philosophical interpretation ever attempted. These wonderful cards describe the human conditions, arts, sciences, virtues, and the heavenly spheres. Twenty-five cards have been added to this edition which is useful for meditating and divining.Divination using tools such as Tarot Cards, help to bring higher guidance and advice into our lives and brings to the surface information that is hidden or not immediately obvious to us.This deck contains 75 cards and instruction booklet. (50 tarot cards + 25 didactical cards)Cards measure approximately 6.6 x 12 cm (2.75 x 4.5 inches)