IDENTITY Theft (English Edition) por Brenda Kay Winters

IDENTITY Theft (English Edition) por Brenda Kay Winters

Titulo del libro: IDENTITY Theft (English Edition)

Autor: Brenda Kay Winters

Número de páginas: 15 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: October 3, 2016

Editor: Winters

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Brenda Kay Winters con IDENTITY Theft (English Edition)

Identity Theft is increasing on the World Wide Web for many reasons but if you know how to protect yourself you are less likely to become a victim.
The problems come when people place things and materialism over property and are selfish.
If you work for something you do not expect it to be stolen.
In 2010, my parents were neglected to death for their money and myself and my daughter and Grand daughter lost their inheritance. All because of lies and one thief.

God has laws and when a person steals- G-d requires at least five fold from you. Your things may break or you loose them.
We are to return things to the rightful owner if you know who something belongs to. That is also one of G-d's laws.
Stealing one's identity is one of the most selfish things any one can do. So ask your self why you would do this? Was it envy, greed or jealousy?
Harming people and even animals makes G-d angry as He sees and hears all. So He is the Only True Judge.
Some people have done so much evil they have no inner voice so they do not care if they harm others.
Even in some Cultures, people kill themselves just because they got caught stealing-and that may be billions and billions -in whatever money your Country has.
So think before you do this. Is it worth being poor?
Think about how you can please G-d and follow His laws. They are Found in Exodus.
If you have stolen something from someone-please return it so you will not have to pay for it here on this Earth. If you are not able to make a business deal right-they ask that person what they need so you can help them in some other way.
A clear Conscious is what is the best to enjoy life.
My husband Mike Webb helped me with this e book. He is the inventor of the sleep mode on computers and I am speaking of the very first one He also wrote the first Wi-Fi-software and we have been together since 2011.