Salic Law (English Edition) por Anonymous

Salic Law (English Edition) por Anonymous

Titulo del libro: Salic Law (English Edition)

Autor: Anonymous

Número de páginas: 26 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: July 7, 2009

Editor: Howell, Grimm & Matallana

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Anonymous con Salic Law (English Edition)

Salic law (Latin "Lex Salica") is an important body of traditional law codified for the government of the Salian Franks.

The text of Salic Law was compiled in the early Middle Ages (6th century), during the reign of King Clovis I.

Salic Law contains ancient usage and practices, that date well before the reign of Clovis I. The earliest compilation date for the Lex Salica is between 507 and 511 A.D.

The best-known tenet of Salic law is agnatic succession, the rule excluding females from the inheritance of a throne or fief. The importance of Salic law extends beyond the rules of inheritance, as it is a direct ancestor of the systems of law in many parts of Europe today.